Swing Inside Out (Start Doing This Drill)

Swing Inside Out (Start Doing This Drill)

Swinging inside-out is a crucial skill to master in golf, as it can help you achieve more consistent, powerful, and accurate shots, especially if you’re aiming to reduce slices or hit a beautiful draw. Here’s a simple, effective drill you can start doing to develop an inside-out swing path. Remember, the goal here is to retrain your muscle memory and feel the correct path of the club during the swing.

Inside-Out Swing Drill

Equipment Needed: A few golf balls, your golf club (starting with a mid-iron is often easiest), and two range buckets or similar markers.


  1. Position the Markers: Place two range buckets (or any two similar markers) on the ground, forming a gate slightly wider than your clubhead, about 4-5 inches apart. Position this gate directly on the line you would normally aim along, slightly in front of the ball towards the target. This gate will serve as a visual guide to ensure your clubhead is moving from inside the target line to outside during your swing.
  2. Ball Position: Place the ball in your normal stance, ensuring it’s in line with the markers. Your aim is to hit the ball without disturbing the markers.


  1. Takeaway Focus: As you start your backswing, focus on keeping the clubhead inside the line formed by the markers. This encourages the club to move back on a more inside path.
  2. Downswing Cue: Begin your downswing by moving your club towards the inside marker, then swinging out towards the ball. The idea is to let the clubhead naturally follow a path that moves from inside the line, hits the ball, and then moves outside the line past impact.
  3. Follow Through: Complete your swing with a full follow-through, ensuring your clubhead ends up on the outside of the target line. The sensation should be that of “pushing” the ball towards the target, rather than “pulling” it.

Tips for Success:

  • Start Slow: Begin with slow, deliberate swings to feel the correct path of the club. Speed can come later once you’ve ingrained the right movement.
  • Use Visualization: Before each swing, visualize the clubhead following the desired inside-out path. Mental practice is nearly as effective as physical practice.
  • Check Your Grip and Posture: Ensure your grip is neither too tight nor too loose, and maintain a posture that allows for a free, unrestricted swing.
  • Record Your Swings: If possible, record your swings to visually confirm the club’s path relative to the markers. This feedback is invaluable for making adjustments.


As you become more comfortable with the drill, gradually remove the visual guides (the buckets) and focus on replicating the feeling and path of the club with your usual swing. You can also experiment with different clubs to generalize the inside-out path across your bag.

Remember, changing your swing path can take time and patience, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t click right away. Keep practicing this drill regularly, and you’ll start to see improvements in your ball flight, including more draws and fewer slices. Happy swinging!


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