School of Golf: Drill to Improve your BackSwing

School of Golf: Drill to Improve your BackSwing

Improving your backswing is crucial for setting up a strong, consistent golf shot. A solid backswing sets the tone for the rest of your swing, including your downswing and follow-through. Let’s dive into a specific drill designed to enhance your backswing and ensure you’re in the best possible position at the top.

Backswing Checkpoint Drill

This drill focuses on creating the correct positions throughout your backswing, ensuring you’re on-plane and properly coiled for powerful, accurate shots.

You’ll Need:

  • Your golf club
  • A full-length mirror or video recording setup (optional but highly beneficial for feedback)
  • Alignment sticks (optional)

The Drill:

  1. Start in Your Setup Position:
    • Begin by standing in your normal setup position, facing the mirror or camera, with an alignment stick on the ground to indicate your target line.
  2. Halfway Back Position:
    • Slowly take the club back until it’s parallel to the ground. At this point, the club should also be parallel to your target line.
    • Check that your left arm (for right-handed golfers) is straight, and the clubface is angled slightly upwards, mirroring your spine angle.
    • Your wrists should start hinging naturally here.
  3. Lead Arm Parallel:
    • Continue the backswing until your lead arm is parallel to the ground. The shaft of the club should point directly at your target line or just slightly inside it.
    • Your weight should begin shifting towards the back foot, and your back should be turning away from the target.
  4. Top of the Backswing:
    • Complete your backswing with your lead arm crossing your shoulder line, and ensure your back is fully turned towards the target.
    • Your lower body should be stable but not rigid, with your back knee slightly flexed and pointing inwards.
    • Check that your wrists are fully hinged, and the club is pointing down towards the ball or slightly laid off, depending on your natural swing plane.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Smooth Tempo: Perform this drill at a slow, controlled pace to ensure you’re hitting each checkpoint accurately.
  • Mirror/Video Feedback: Use the mirror or video to visually confirm your positions. This immediate feedback is invaluable for making corrections.
  • Alignment Stick: Placing an alignment stick on the ground can help ensure your club is parallel to your target line at the halfway back position.
  • Repetition: Repeat this drill regularly to ingrain these positions into your muscle memory.

Progressing with the Drill:

Once you’re comfortable hitting each checkpoint, start to smooth out the motion into a single, fluid backswing without pausing. The goal is to maintain the correct positions and alignments you’ve practiced but in a continuous motion.

Integrating this backswing checkpoint drill into your practice routine will lead to improvements not just in your backswing, but in the overall consistency and power of your golf shots. Remember, the backswing is the foundation of your swing; a solid foundation sets you up for success through impact and beyond.


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