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How to align your golf swing

As your golf coach, let’s tackle aligning your golf swing in a way that’ll get your shots flying straight and true. Think of this as the foundation of your golf game. When your alignment is spot on, everything else tends to fall into place much easier. Here’s how we’ll break it down:

1. Find Your Target

First up, every great swing starts with a clear target in mind. Whether it’s the fairway, the green, or a specific spot on the range, choose where you want that ball to land. Imagine a straight line extending from the ball to your target – this is your target line, and it’s crucial for aligning everything else.

2. Clubface First

Walk up to your ball with that target line in mind. Set your club down first, making sure the face is directly pointing down your target line. Think of your clubface as the arrow that’s going to point your ball exactly where you want it to go. Getting this right is key to sending your ball to its intended destination.

3. Feet, Shoulders, Hips – Align Them All

Next step, set your feet. They should be parallel to your target line, like tracks on a railroad. Your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders should all form a line that’s parallel to the direction you want your ball to fly. It’s easy to overlook, but this alignment dictates the path of your swing and, ultimately, the flight of your ball.

4. Practice Your Path

Before hitting the ball, take a few practice swings. Focus on the path your club is taking. It should follow your target line back and through. This rehearsal is crucial; it helps your body memorize the feel of a swing that’s aligned with your target.

5. Visualize Your Shot

Take a moment to visualize the shot in your head. See the ball flying straight to your target. This mental imagery will help reinforce your physical alignment and boost your confidence.

6. Execute Your Swing

Now, with everything aligned and your shot visualized, it’s time to swing. Keep your focus on the ball and trust in your alignment. Remember, consistency in your setup leads to consistency in your shots.

Pro Tips:

  • Always start your setup with your clubface, then adjust your stance.
  • Use alignment sticks during practice sessions to train your body on how it feels to be correctly aligned.
  • Regularly check your alignment by laying a club at your feet and another one along your target line when you practice. It’s an excellent way to ensure you’re setting up correctly.

Remember, alignment is about precision and consistency. It might feel a bit mechanical at first, but as we work on it and you get used to the setup, it’ll become second nature. Let’s get out there and practice. The more you do it, the more natural it will feel, and you’ll see the improvement in your shot accuracy in no time!


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