(Golf Swing Drills) How to Shallow the Club & Hit Longer Drives!

(Golf Swing Drills) How to Shallow the Club & Hit Longer Drives!

Shallowing the club in the golf swing is a key move that can lead to more powerful and consistent drives. It refers to the angle of the club shaft getting flatter in the downswing, rather than steep. This move can help you strike the ball more solidly, increase your distance, and improve your overall swing path. Let’s dive into some drills that will help you master this technique.

1. The Wall Drill

This drill helps you feel the correct motion of shallowing the club in the downswing.

  • Setup: Stand facing a wall (or a door), approximately arm’s length away, with a club in your hand.
  • Action: Swing the club back as if you’re going to hit the wall. As you start your downswing, focus on moving the butt end of the club down towards the wall. This motion encourages the shallowing of the club.
  • Goal: Avoid hitting the wall with the club on your downswing. This encourages the shallowing motion needed for a more powerful swing.

2. The Towel Drill

This drill reinforces the feeling of the club dropping into a shallower path.

  • Setup: Place a towel under your armpit on the arm that’s on the same side as your leading hand (right-handers, use your left arm).
  • Action: Take your backswing, and as you start your downswing, focus on keeping the towel from falling out. This motion naturally encourages your elbow to drop closer to your body, helping to shallow the club.
  • Goal: Keep the towel in place until the end of your swing to ensure the club is shallowing correctly.

3. The Loop Drill

This drill helps create the right feeling of changing directions in the swing, promoting a shallower downswing.

  • Setup: Take your normal stance and begin your backswing.
  • Action: As you reach the top of your backswing, intentionally loop the club outwards and then back inwards as you start the downswing. Imagine drawing a large oval shape in the air with the clubhead.
  • Goal: This exaggerated looping action helps you feel the shift from a steep to a shallow angle.

4. Slow Motion Swings

Practicing your swing in slow motion can significantly improve your understanding and feeling of shallowing the club.

  • Setup: Take your normal stance without a ball.
  • Action: Perform your swing in extreme slow motion, focusing on the transition from the top of your swing into the downswing. Feel how the club shallows out.
  • Goal: Develop muscle memory for the shallowing motion, which you can then carry into your regular speed swings.

5. Use of Training Aids

Several training aids are designed to help golfers experience the feeling of shallowing the club. Devices that attach to the club or your body can provide immediate feedback on your swing path and angle.

Incorporating these drills into your practice routine

Start with focusing on the feeling each drill provides rather than the outcome of the shot. It’s important to be patient and consistent with these exercises. As your comfort with shallowing the club increases, you’ll start to see improvements in your drives—expect to hit the ball further, with more consistency and control.

Remember, the goal is to integrate this move smoothly into your swing. As your coach, I’ll be watching your progress and providing feedback to help you refine your technique. Let’s get to the driving range and start working on shallowing that club for longer and more powerful drives!


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